Friday, July 27, 2012

I attempted making pandesal (popular Philippine bread roll also known as salt bread) this week and it turned out pretty good...after three tries. On a related food note, I found a dangerous microwaveable brownie mug recipe. Dangerous because it takes a total of 5 minutes/5 ingredients to make = lots and lots of brownies. I've also been watching this ridiculously cute show about patissières making delicious looking cakes, tarts, chocolates, and everything sweet you could possibly think of. I couldn't watch it without having some kind of dessert. >.< It's been a sweets filled week! :)

After four long years of waiting, it's finally the Olympics again! I'm looking forward to watching football, tennis, swimming, synchronized swimming, gymnastics, trampoline, diving, athletics...okay fine ALL of them! 

Which sport(s) are you looking forward to watch? 


  1. Yeah! the olympics...I'm LOVING it. What's been your favorite so far? love Katie